Going through a remodel can be very daunting and overwhelming; knowing what to expect during the process may help. 

Remodels are dirty; to cut down on dust and debris in the air, block doorways with plastic sheeting throughout the rest of the home. 

Contractor’s will be coming and going all day, try to schedule their time so they are not on top of each other. 

Use reputable electricians and plumbers, someone you can trust. 

Let your neighbors know about your project because there will be more cars/trucks and trash containers in your yard.

Know that your kitchen will be out of order for a few weeks, no cooking or cleaning dishes. 

Set a realistic timeframe for the project. 

Understand that during a teardown, the unknown may be discovered; water damage, insects or compromised structure. Add 10% to your budget to cover any surprises. 

Hiring a Designer/Project Manager will avoid costly mistakes and provide a detailed plan of the project.